FPGA/DSP Developer

The FPGA/DSP Developer is responsible for driving the design and development of an FPGA/DSP wireless systems. They will work with the systems team to design, implement, and test novel wireless DSP algorithms on FPGA platforms. The FPGA work involves designing for many different architectures (Xilinx, Altera, etc) as every customer will have specific requirements. Engineer will be responsible for the implementation of novel, complex DSP algorithms for various radio system architectures. The engineer will implement blocks including filtering, radio control interfaces, and own the top level integration & verification for the entire FPGA. The ideal candidate will work well with the system architects, contribute to the overall design of the digital logic, and collaborate with mixed-signal/RF as well as embedded software engineers.


• BS Required, MS preferred.  7+ years of experience designing and verifying high speed Wireless/Modem DSP algorithms such as filters, up/down converters, DDUCS, CORDICs, DPD, and/or CFR engines in Verilog for Xilinx FPGAs.

• Demonstrated ability to design, build, and ship high speed products implemented on FPGA and/or ASIC.

• Own top level module, integrate & verify system performance for various wireless products.

• Ensure that designed modules meet specifications and interface correctly with the rest of the system.  Wireless standards include: LTE-A, LTE, W-CDMA, GSM, MC-GSM, etc.

• Work with RF/hardware engineers on IQ data and control interfaces.

• Work with embedded software engineers on control interfaces.

• Lead transition of FPGA design to ASIC – if needed on the project.

• Clear written and spoken communication skills
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Lab / Test Engineer

We are seeking for an experienced test engineer for lab characterization of high-performance analog,  mixed-signal circuits, and high level system requirements. Job responsibilities include testing and characterizing of high-performance systems including the development of test software. Other responsibilities include printed-circuit board (PCB) design, limited assembly and test-board rework, and characterization of production parts.


•  BSEE with 5+ years of experience or an MSEE degree with experience in system-level analog and RF testing.
•  Thorough familiarity with computer programming languages (C++, Matlab, LabView) and other scripting languages.
•  Fluency with OrCAD, Eagle, and/or Mentor PADS Schematic and PCB layout tools.
• Understanding and ability to test various wireless standards: LTE, LTE-A, W-CDMA, GSM, MC-GSM, and other
•  Experience with soldering and limited PCB assembly/rework
•  Familiar with high-speed and analog/mixed-signal lab equipment
•  Must possess strong written and verbal communication skills
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