IQ Modulator and Demodulator products are a strength in the PhoenixRF standard component offering.  Wide IQ and LO bandwidths are staples of our designs.  These products are in standard low cost packages and are available in both balanced and single-ended I/O ports for easy integration with your favorite PhoenixRF frequency synthesizer. IQ Modulators and Demodulators are developed in both GaAs and CMOS technology and offer performance over a wide RF frequency ranges.   The selection guide in this section illustrates part of our offering.  PhoenixRF would be happy to review your unique specifications and determine the best solution that meets your needs. You can let us know more about your requirements by clicking the Demodulator Specs button below.

I/Q Demodulator Selection Guide

Part #LO Input Freq RangeIF Output Freq RangeConv. Gain (dB)OIP3 (dBm)NF (dB)BIASPackage Style
PRFPMX1000-01700-1800 MHzDC-150 MHz-22082.7@ 20mAQFN
PRFPMX2000-011000-3500 MHzDC-150 MHz-22092.7@ 22mAQFN
PRFPMX3000-011500-4000 MHzDC-300 MHz-215102.7@ 22mAQFN

I/Q Modulator Selection Guide

Part #LO Input Freq RangeModulation BandwidthCarrier Sup (dB)OIP3 (dBm)Noise Floor (dBm/Hz)BIASPackage Style
PRFIQM1000-01700-1800 MHzDC-250 MHz4038-1602.7@ 40mAQFN
PRFIQM2000-011000-3500 MHzDC-250 MHz4035-1582.7@ 50mAQFN
PRFIQM3000-011500-4000 MHzDC-350 MHz4032-1552.7@ 65mAQFN