PhoenixRF offers a variety of ISM Band Transceiver products.  These transceivers can be used in both TDD and FDD applications and include self calibration options.  Transceivers include low noise, high linearity I/Q receivers with integrated filtering and AGC as well as direct modulated RF transmittter with programmable output power.  All transceivers include integrated frequency synthesizers for local oscillator/carrier generation and DCXOs for reference generation.  These products have  CMOS technology and have a standard digital control interface.  The selection guide in this section illustrates part of our offering.  PhoenixRF would be happy to review your unique specifications and determine the best solution that meets your needs.

ISM BAND Tranceivers Selection Guide

Part #RF Input/Output Freq RangeBaseband InterfaceOutput Power (dBm)Rx Noise Figure (dB)BIASPackage Style
PRFISM400-01400 MHz BandDiff Analog I/Q332.7 @ 12mA Rx 2.7 @ 20mA TxQFN
PRFISM900-01900 MHz BandDiff Analog I/O302.7 @ 22mA Rx 2.7 @ 30mA TxQFN
PRFISM2400-012400 MHz BandDiff Analog I/Q 0-22.7 @ 30mA Rx 2.7 @ 34mA TxQFN
PRFISM5800-015800 MHz BandDiff Analog I/Q -3-22.7 @ 50mA Rx 2.7 @ 75mA TxQFN