PhoenixRF offers a variety of single balanced and double balanced Mixer and Multiplier products.  Some products include integrated LO and IF baluns for easy interfacing.  These general purpose frequency converters are ideal for general purpose applications in ISM and other popular frequency bands. Mixer products are available in  standard low cost packages and you can chose from either active or passive types.  These Mixers have been developed in both SiGe Bipolar and CMOS technology and offer performance over a wide RF frequency range.   The selection guide in this section illustrates part of our offering.  PhoenixRF would be happy to review your unique specifications and determine the best solution that meets your needs.

Active Mixer

Selection Guide

Part #RF Freq RangeIF RangeConv. Gain (dB)OIP3 (dBm)LO to RF Iso (dB)SSB NF (dB)BIASPackage Style
PRFAMX1100-01700-1800 MHzDC-150 MHz12202592.7@ 20mAQFN
PRFAMX2000-011000-3500 MHzDC-150 MHz82025122.7@ 25mAQFN
PRFAMX3500-011500-4000 MHzc41520152.7@ 35mAQFN

Passive Mixer

Selection Guide

Part #RF Freq RangeIF RangeConv. Loss (dB)OIP3 (dBm)LO to RF Iso (dB)SSB NF (dB)BIASPackage Style
PRFPMX1000-01700-1800 MHzDC-150 MHz-620256.12.7@ 0.1mAQFN
PRFPMX2000-011000-3500 MHzDC-150 MHz-820258.22.7@ 0.1mAQFN
PRFPMX3000-011500-4000 MHzDC-300 MHz-815208.22.7@ 0.1mAQFN