Testing & Evaluation
Testing  |  Characterization  |  Evaluation

Over the years, we have developed test-flow expertise and written code/libraries to perform automated tests and evaluate many RF/Wireless products.


We can measure and meet all specific standards: LTE, LTE-A, GSM, MC-GSM, WCDMA, WiFi, EDGE, GPRS, ZigBee, Bluetooth, WiMax, Z-Wave, and any other custom RF protocol or requirement.  We also go through an extensive FCC approval and testing process to ensure your product will pass and meet all the FCC requirements.


FCC Certification

PhoenixRF is your first choice for assistance in FCC certification for your electronic product. We have the capability to do extensive radiated emissons pre-testing in our own laboratory.

We manage all the tests, provide timely test result updates, and if the product design permits, we modify the product on site as time allows to improve test results. We offer low-cost diagnostic testing to help ensure a “pass” during the certification phase.